Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hawaiian Haystacks

The first time I ever had Hawaiian Haystacks (or some call them chicken sundaes) was in college. All present were shocked that I'd never heard of them before, but I'm guessing there might be someone else out there who hasn't tried them.

1.) MAKE CHICKEN GRAVY (you can buy it in a can or make to taste--see below)
2-3 cans of cream of chicken or celery
1-2 c. of milk or chicken broth (depending on taste and desired consistency)
cooked, cubed/shredded chicken (I usually cook 2 chicken tenders for each person, but that is more chicken than some would like)
1 c. of rice/person

green onions (a must I think)
green peppers
tomatoes (for sure)
chow mein noodles

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Julie said...

I loved these at the family reunion & I had NEVER heard of them before! I'd love the recipe.